Basketball Event

I really had a great time at the basketball event that me and several other students hosted it was just great being around the kids and seeing them enjoy themselves made my day. I really like working with kids and basketball is my favorite sport so I had a thrill teaching them things and basically going through the drills. in the future I would like to be a coach and continue to work with kids.

Monpoly Board

1. Sambusa African meal-my aunty is from south Sudan and she just recently moved here I went to her house one weekend and she cooked this dish I had never had before. it was triangle and filled with ground beef and vegetables.

2. black student social – I had a chance to attend a Africa American student night here in UVU it was a really good experience to meet people from my culture or background we basically touched bases on what’s going on in African American communities and how we can better ourselves and move forward as one.

3.  Hotel Rwanda movie- this movie was a about genocide between two tribes that lived in the same country this really hit home because in my country of south Sudan we are going through a similar thing people are fighting over what tribe you are.

4. meet with a ESL student- I had an opportunity to tutor a Eels student that was from Africa he was from morocco he speaks Arabic like myself I can understand well but not speak well but I still manage to help him out and give him tips on some of the English words that he struggles with.

5.  MLk Celebration- the guest speaker was stead Graham he is opera Winfrey husband I really enjoyed his speech basically he was challenging the students on becoming the best they can be and if you fall you must rise again. life is all about obstacles.


post 10

I learn so much in this class and got to do some amazing service learning hours. It made me more comfortable to share my cultural background and just interacting with some of those refugee kids made me feel good about myself because they look up to me. I’m glad that this class has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone. Learning and interacting with those kids was something special that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. As we build our cultural awareness, we also build bridges to trust, respect and understanding across cultures and within a multicultural workplace, fostering productive interactions and agreements. I learn a lot about cultural diversity. Cultural diversity allows many different ideas and peoples to come together to form a whole that is far more than the sum of their parts. It allows scientific propagation through viewpoints that would have gone unnoticed by certain cultures. I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota and the cultural diversity there is astounding because many groups of people with many different intellectual, tolerant, and social abilities come together and make Minnesota a nice beautiful state.

post 9

All kinds of media influence our culture; the news is a major one. T.V. Radio, music. Anything you see with your eyes and hear with your ears. Also tv creates stereotypes, so it presents the image one one group or nation through a particular ‘lens’. For example, what do you associate with Africa? France? Australia? So, even just using images, aren’t our attitudes influenced heavily? My generation especially is easily misled we don’t even try to learn about other cultures and seek information we believe everything we see on tv. To be honest. I don’t really get my opinion directed by what the media shows. e.g. the media would show an image of an anorexic girl and present her to the public as someone who was beautiful. girls would see this from an early age while they are of the age of easy influence and will suffer to try to attain what they see in media. many of these problems are things they would not and should not need to go through, but because their perception of beauty is altered by an industry. they become unsure of themselves.

Post 8

So i talked to my uncle who married a  white women and he explained to me that the family doesn’t like having her around mainly because she doesn’t know our culture and by him marrying outside our race they frown upon that, he explains to me that they show fake love. When she is around they don’t really talk to her and would exclude her from everything family oriented. My uncle got fed up to the point he had to confront his mother about it and explained   to her that  it’s not fair because he loves this girl even though she is a different race. In a way my family has discriminated against her because her cultural background and skin is not similar. Like in class we talked about cultural norms my uncle went against it by marrying a white women and that made the family upset and they showed it by the way they treated my uncle wife.

NPR/Ted Talk Assignment

I was very intrigued and not really shocked on the TED Talk video called “Priming Some Kids for College and Others for Prison” by Alice Goffman (2012).  The problem is how we are preparing some kids for college and others for prison. She mentions how she seen a lot of African Americans and Latino Americans get beaten and how police target these two races.  She spent 6 years in a troubled Philadelphia neighborhood and saw firsthand how teenagers of African American and Latino background are funneled down the path to prison. Why are we offering handcuffs and jail time instead of educating them and giving them a beneficial punishment that will help them not land in prison or in the streets.  One of her main examples of how we are setting up these kids for prison is she talked about a Hispanic kid who got suspended for punching a kid for calling his mom a crackhead. It resulted with him going to jail for almost his senior year he tried to reenroll but unfortunately turned 19 that year so he couldn’t go to school. Now a college dropout with a felony assault in his record, his life started going downhill from there.

A solution to avoid prison for our African American and Latino kids is to provide them more opportunities instead labeling them as criminals. In addition it’s important to keep kids in school so they wouldn’t have time to do illegal things. Another solution I suggest is that we bring awareness of what’s going on in black and Latino neighborhoods because police are targeting these two specific races and a lot of people are blind to what’s happening. The awareness will at least open society’s eye and reconsider the people that we have so call protecting our neighborhoods.

One of the articles that supports my solution states that we shouldn’t kick kids out of school but find a better alternative and tell them what they did wrong and work on how they can better instead of kicking them out of school (Porter, 2015, p.57). When kids are suspended it leads to getting in trouble. In the article School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Business Side of Incarcerating, Not Educating Students in Public Schools, Tracie explains “Expulsion or suspension would have landed me alone at home, and negative forces in my community could have changed my fate as a bright, latchkey kid to something other than a lawyer, scholar, and teacher in this world” (Porter, 2015, p.57). The second article, No Man Left Behind, suggest that programs such as the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) can be a support system for minority groups to get through college (Reynolds, 2012).




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post 7

My thoughts on privilege from the beginning till now hasn’t changed much. For example if a women decides she wants to stay home and start a family that is completely fine but if a man says he wants to people will call him lazy and also. Why should we judge both genders unequally? In an our world today women are paid less and I feel like male have the upper hand in getting jobs easier than women. And then if a women wants to do a job like being in the fire and rescue service or police them will lower the standards of the physical test. Another example that makes males more privilege than women is when a female joins the army or any type of authority position she is very highly praised by society but it’s expected of a man. As a society we need to confront these issues in order to move on. Women should have the same privileges as man.

post 6

I really enjoyed this week activity when we got into our groups and divided into our class. The group I was in had the most power because we had the most points and had the power to change the rules also. The other groups seem to not like us since we had more power. They didn’t want to trade with us. It seems like the class created a boundary between the groups.  The topic racism hits home to me the group that presented made some good points I feel like we don’t need to stereotype a person by their color when we can their name or just label them a friend. Growing up I seen a lot of racism around me especially the white cops in my neighborhood would harass us for no reason and automatically assume we were up to no good just because we would hang out as a group and police took that as threating and white neighbors would be scared.

post 5

Privilege can affect me in many ways one of the ways is racial privilege. Obviously White privilege is not a myth. I feel like our society values white people more than color. Although this does not mean white people have perfect lives, they still have it better than most people of color. There all a lot of examples of white privilege but there is also black privilege for example African Americans can belong to clubs or organizations that take care everybody within there race, but if white people did that it would be consider racist. Blacks can call white people “honky” and “cracker” but whites cannot use the N-word. 

post 4

a lot of things stood out to me this semester. before joining this class, I wasn’t really into my culture a lot now I want to explore my Sudanese culture more. this class really surprised me because I have met a lot of refugees that are from my country and it makes me feel good that I be a role model for them. this guest speaker was brilliant and really cool person. I like the fact that he speaks Tongan and he can relate to them more. I like how he identified power in cultures and how art was taken by another country.